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Hello out there..!

So, when I blog (which I know I don't do as often as I promise I will), I do always wonder if anyone out there is reading my prolific prose! Surprisingly, people do mention the blog to me every now and again, and generally on that day, I blog again, being revitalized that indeed there are people out there reading! (Yes, there is a point to this post!). We are about to release our 2008 vintage on March 1, so I was going through our website and, after how many years of having a live website, I found a typo of gargantuan proportions (got you interested, didn't I?! - Actually, not gargantuan, but really people, no one picked it up!). I spelled San Franciso wrong - did you catch it? Anyway, I just wanted to check back in with you all and say, "Hello." Hope the rains aren't washing you away; we are thrilled as the quantity of rain from the storm last week just about filled up our wells. Chantico.


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