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Someone's Gotta Do It!

This morning the big truck pulled up, the operator removed a humongous hose from the tank on the truck, and the suction began. Yes, it's time for our annual "clean out the underground waste" (as in wine waste) storage tanks. The accumulated skins, seeds, run-off, juice, etc. from Harvest 2010 must be cleared out to make way for Harvest 2011 (yes indeed, we plan way ahead)! I'd post photos, but I think the visual is not too pretty, so instead, think Spring, flowers, sunshine!
Chantico from a balmy 42 degrees in Sunny St. Helena!


  1. Anonymous said...

    That's interesting. I didn't know that <a href=">wine making</a> left so much grape skins, waist etc... Sounds like a lot of work to clean out the tank.

    May 05, 2011  

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