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Late Harvest (but not like in a Sauternes!)

As most of you probably have figured out, this June gloom (that generally limits itself to the Southland (like in Los Angeles and San Diego) has permeated our idyllic Napa Valley! We wake up to overcast skies which clear about 11 am. What's up with that??!!

What this "anomalous" weather equates to is a later than usual harvest. We are not complaining, as a later harvest means a longer summer for us "farmers!" What does this mean for you? It means the Dry T-Shirt Contest deadline will be extended!! How does September 15 sound? This still gives us time to pick a winner (hopefully YOU!), have the t-shirts printed, and still be ready in time for harvest. Any guesses on the first date of harvest? Send in your guesses. The person (or persons!) who guess the correct date will also get a Harvest 2010 t-shirt sent to them!

Enjoy your summer, and Chantico!


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