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It's that time again!

Dry T-shirts 2009

It’s July and it’s that time – say it with me! What time is it?? WHAT TIME IS IT? I can’t hear you??!!! Yes, that's right, it’s DRY T-SHIRT CONTEST TIME!

For the Harvest 2009 t-shirts, the winning slogan that won the bottle of Anomaly Vineyards Cabernet was: IF I'VE ONLY ONE LIFE, LET ME LIVE IT AS A CAB!

What will be the 2010 t-shirt slogan? Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

In 2008, the winning slogan was: "You Picked A Vine Time To Leave Me Lucille"
2007, produced: It's More Than Just A Crush" 2006's winning slogan was "Cluster's Last Stand", and previous winners were Tanks For The Memories; Picky, Picky, Picky; and Think Globally, Drink Anomaly!

The winning slogan-writer gets not only a T-Shirt with the winning slogan, but also a bottle of our newest release, 2007 Anomaly Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon. So put on your thinking caps and send 'em in. You can send in as many as you like. The contest ends a bit later this year as we think harvest will be on the late side. What does that mean? We're thinking late September. So the contest will end August 31 (we have to have them printed up!!). Send your entries to:

Our Team Anomaly will vote on the winning slogan and the winner will be notified by email and by a snail mail package with the t-shirt. The runner up whose slogan goes on the front of the t-shirt (short "breezy" phrases please!) gets the same prize!

So, get those creative juices (preferably cab juice) flowing, and we look forward to your entries! As always, Chantico.

Dry T-Shirt Winner 2009
Winemaker Mark Porembski and Harvest Helper Mark Dombrink

2008 Memories
2008 T-Shirts
Gerich, Mark, Steve & Seth


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