Anomaly Vineyards

A Berkeley, California transplant's view of becoming an Accidental Vintner.

"Gerich" of all Trades!

We do have fun here at Anomaly! We asked Gerich to write up his bio for our website, but it's worth sharing here as well! Enjoy. And Chantico!
Gerich Fellermann has been with Anomaly Vineyards since 2004, serving as cellar rat, janitor, inventory depletion specialist, production manager, storyteller, mechanical-bull tamer, carpenter, musical consultant, quality control technician, B.S. spotter, fine chocolate evaluator and, most recently, as Assistant Winemaker under the direction of Mark Porembski.
Having lived a number of previous lives in most of the contiguous 72 states (including Mexico), Germany and Asia, Gerich comes to Anomaly with a wealth of knowledge, most of it inapplicable, but nonetheless, a whole bunch of knowledge.
As of July of 2006, Gerich has moved out of the cellar and into the daylight, taking the helm coordinating the marketing and distribution efforts for Anomaly Vineyards. Gerich and his clones will continue with all previous responsibilities while still trying to look busy at a desk and on the phone.


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