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Hands On Winery

So, people ask us if we're really hands on - here's proof. There's a nasty little weed called the "puncture" weed (I'm sure there's a botanical name for it) that we definately don't want in the vineyard. The pods can actually punture tractor tires when the rows are tilled. They are extremely hardy - but they haven't met Team Anomaly yet. So, early this morning, before the temps reached 100 plus degrees, as they have now, Steve, I, Mark and Gerich got out into the dirt and walked each vineyard and pulled every single last nasty weed. Fulfilling - perhaps. Will we sleep better tonight for having done this? Absolutely - unless the temps refuse to drop below 90, as they did last night! Chantico.
The tools of the trade
Mark takes his job seriously
Gerich is deterined to find every last weed
Steve actually can bend over!


  1. David Goldfarb said...

    100+! Sheesh. Here in Oakland we think 90 is hot.

    Hopefully all that weeding was good exercise for you all.

    July 21, 2006  

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