Anomaly Vineyards

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What's Happening?!

It has been hot hot hot (no, not complaining). The grapes are growing beautifully and within the next couple of weeks our well will begin to water the vines. This part of the season is always full of wonder as the grapes, which just a few weeks ago were small flower-lets, are now close to the size they'll be when we pick - just more color and more sugar. Mother Nature - go figure.
We have exciting news - we have hired our Assistant Winemaker, Gerich Fellermann, as our Marketing Grand PooBah, is that an appropriate title? Okay, his business card says, "Assistant Winemaker & Marketing Director." We're thrilled, as he knows the wine and winemaking process here intimately, having been here since 2004.
Other than that (and having attended my 34th High School Reunion - you do the math!), we are catching up on paperwork and enjoying the calm before the harvest. Chantico!


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