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It's been quite a week. We left on Friday afternoon for Los Angeles for our second annual trek to the Winemasters event for Cystic Fibrosis which is held on the streets of New York set at Paramount Studies. This is one great event for one incredible cause - take a deep breath in, now appreciate the fact that you can do that. Really. Our son, Chris, drove up from San Diego to help set up and pour. Now, here's youth for you. Our conversation,
Me: "How early did you have to get up to make it here by 9 am?"
Son: "6 am, but that's when I get up everyday anyway" (sidenote: he's a financial advisor, follows the hours of the stock market, in NY that is!).
Me: "That's early."
Son: "It's not that bad, I got three hours of sleep."
Me: "WHAT??!!##"
Son: "It was Cinco de Mayo last night, mom."
Me: (silent sigh).
Son: "I'm young, it's fine."
Me: (silent sigh).
Anyway, after helping to set up the event, we (along with 66 other wineries and at least twice as many wonderful restaurants) poured to the 1200 guests attending the event. Well, not all 1200 had a taste! Look into it for next year - really, do! Chantico.
Chris, Steve & Linda at Winemasters


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