Anomaly Vineyards

A Berkeley, California transplant's view of becoming an Accidental Vintner.

What a way to get high

As part of the purchase of Indee's vineyard land, we inherited a wind machine. Basically, it is an airplane whose body is stuck in the ground so it just can't take off, try as it might. And during the frost-y months of the year, it tries and tries. When we first moved to the Napa Valley, we were awakened by what we believed to be a UFO landing in our backyard. The engines of this spaceship were incredibly loud and, like in a Spielberg movie, we went to our door, and stood incredulously looking up at the sky, waiting to be beamed up. The next morning, we asked our neighbors what the noise could possibly have been - "just the windmachines," she replied, rolling her eyes (thinking, 'these city folk'). So, to get back to the point, this windmachine was not in the best of shape. She was a sorry site, paint peeling from all her years of vineyard labor. But no more! She has been painted, and in fact, she has been painted in Anomaly colors (black body and copper blades). She is a beaut! And the view from up there - magnificent. Steve wouldn't go up with me, but Francisco did! And the painting job was done by Steve Van Treese and his St. Helena Painting Company crew! Great job, Steve. Thanks! Chantico.
Linda and Francisco
It’s a long way up!
Steve Van Treese paints the propellers


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