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My kind of town - Chicago is

As soon as we left Winemasters in Los Angeles, we caught a few winks at Steve's brother's house then off to LAX to catch a flight to Chicago for the annual Heritage Wine Cellar trade pouring. Having never been to Chicago, I was pretty excited. However, landing at midnight, there just wasn't much to see or do so we had to wait until morning. My theory is that Chicago-ans don't want to spread the word on what a great City they have, and hence tell tall tales of terrible weather: wind, ice, snow, oh my. Or perhaps we just hit the two most beautiful days of the year, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Okay, it drizzled on day 2, but it just made Lake Michagan look even more magical. But, back to the trade pouring. HWC is our Chicago distributor and the pouring was for their customers (ie., restaurant sommeliers, owners, and wine shops). There were over 1100 people attending - and we brought 6 bottles of Anomaly. Yes, we did run out. Next year, we'll bring more. We were excited that the wine was so popular and in fact, people would come by our table and tell us that someone had insisted they try it. We are now back in the Napa Valley where it's 92 degrees (in the shade) but no, I am not complaning. It's beautiful here too - tomorrow, I'm off to LA to drive back with my daughter-in-law, granddaughter Josie, and new grandson Everett. A nice week ahead. Yes, of course I'll post photos of Josie and Everett! What kind of grandparent would I be if I didn't?! Chantico.


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