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The official definition of Véraison is "change of color of the grape berries." We, at Anomaly Vineyards, have officially entered Véraison. The grapes, which were tight green clusters just a week ago, are now beginning to show signs of blushing, the first stage on their way to ripening. It is always an interesting time when the grapes begin to turn. Although harvest is probably at least two months away, Véraison is the first indicator that we it's really going to happen - not that we don't believe, or know, that harvest is creeping up on us, but the change in the vineyard is like an awakening of our senses as we move from the doldrums of the summer to the excitement of the upcoming Fall harvest. From now on, every change in the vineyard takes on greater importance. We walk the vineyard almost daily, feel the clusters in our hands, and anticipate what the months ahead will hold.

For fun, we take bets on pick dates. If you want to join in, just respond to this blog with your best guess as to the first day of our harvest. Just FYI, last year we picked on September 15 and the year before, we picked on October 11. Good luck, and Chantico.


  1. David Goldfarb said...

    A look into my crystal ball reveals....

    September 20th!

    August 01, 2005  

  2. rone said...

    It's been a late but hot summer, so i'll say Oct 1.

    August 02, 2005  

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