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Shoes - Ya gotta love 'em

You may wonder what, if anything, this has to do with wine. What I have learned is that wine is an entree to many worthy causes. On Saturday, Pine Ridge Winery was the venue for Wine, Women and Shoes. Upon hearing these three nouns, I'm guessing your ears have already perked up! Stacey Bressler and Elaine Honig chaired this event for Planned Parenthood. Great hors d'oeuvres were served along with "shoe" waiters carrying various models of "foot candy" (literally and figuratively - some from Foot Candy in St. Helena as well as Amelia Claire and Flats shoe boutiques) on beautiful trays. The shoes looked, well, good enough to eat! Some, in fact, were edible, specifically those created by Woodhouse Chocolates!

There was a fabulous silent auction featuring wonderful, hard to find, wines as well as an assortment of tours, tastings, manicure/pedicure gifts, beautiful purses, etc. The shoe fashion show took place in the Pine Ridge cave with models strutting their stuff up and down the runways created in the cave. The women (and men, yes, men) whistled and cheered as the shoes flew by. Some of the shoes actually qualify as works of art, and in fact, if you display them as such, and have a friend willing to share in that fantasy, then cut the price of the shoes in half, take home one shoe, and proudly put it on your mantle - some were that exquisite.

It is my guess that this will become an annual event as it was sold out, and what a great organization to support. Chantico to you, Stacey, and Elaine. Can't wait until next year.


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