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Idaho - Not Just Potatoes

We have returned from our trip to Sun Valley, Idaho. What a beautiful place - high desert with views that go on forever. Of course, in order to get the view, you must Go To The Top. Steve has a fear of heights. For me, the higher, the better. So you can imagine my surprise when he suggested we take the lift to the top of Mount Baldy. My only hesitation was that the ride was 25 minutes long and it was about 90 degrees that day. But not wanting to lose the opportunity lest Steve comes to his senses and remembers his fear of elevations above sea level, I said, "Let's go!" I have to tell you that 25 minutes on a chair lift is a long, long time. For those of you who knit (myself included), I'd recommend taking some knitting along. You might even finish a scarf. The view from the top was absolutely incredible (I will attach a photo once I have uploaded it). But enough about views, the reason for our trip was the 24th Annual Sun Valley Auction which benefits the Sun Valley Center for the Arts.

The pre-auction dinner was wonderful, held at a beautiful home on a lagoon in Ketchum. The next day we spent exploring the town of Ketchum. The evening of the auction was absolutely gorgeous--clear, warm, unlike last year when there was a hail storm. We got inside the tent, the auction began (with the infamous David Reynolds taking the helm as auctioneer), and the skies opened up. The thunder actually shook the tent - but, when the auction ended and we went outside the tent, it was a beautiful clear evening once again. Does David Reynolds have that much power?!

Our lot was quite successful. It consisted of three 3 liters: Anomaly, Sherwin Family, and Venge, along with three nights for two couples at the beautiful Calistoga Ranch. If we didn't already live here, I think we would have bid on it ourselves! Chantico.


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