Anomaly Vineyards

A Berkeley, California transplant's view of becoming an Accidental Vintner.

Winery Dogs

We have three dogs. They never intended to be winery dogs, but here they are, in the midst of a winery, so they had no choice. They each take their jobs quite seriously, and each in a different way. Our eldest, Ashby, is 10 years young. He was "paw'-raised by Indee (the image on our label and the namesake of our vineyard). When Indee passed away, Ashby took over the helm. He had no choice, as he was then the only child. Soon, Cosette joined our midst, she was a small poodle mix that had been abandoned here in town. A couple of years later, Dale, a chow/shepherd/coyote mix joined the family. Cosette has appointed herself as the winery non-tour guide, accompanying our friends who come to visit the winery. Dale and Ashby await friends in the yard and will never turn down a rub (or a snack) - Ashby has sampled each vintage of Anomaly and has yet to turn is nose down, which we take as the highest of points in dog world. Chantico!

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