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What holiday?!

It's Monday, May 30, Memorial Day (also the day after our youngest son's 23rd birthday) and we're in the office working - not complaining, however, mind you! We went to a wonderful graduation party in the Bay Area over the weekend and somehow, "blogging" came up. Interestingly, most of the people we spoke with about blogging, had no idea what it was! After trying to explain it, they wanted to know who would read a blog. So, today I am throwing that out at you! Please just post a little comment on this blog letting me (and those friends who are oh so curious) know how you found this blog and why you read it. Thanks so much! More interesting "blogging" this week, I promise! In the meantime, Chantico!
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    1. rone said...

      User sonoma33 on LiveJournal posted about your weblog on the wine community, so i've been reading it since then. My current dream is to quit my high-tech job as soon as i'm able and start working in the wine industry, probably growing grapes to start, so i'm trying to learn as much about it as i can. I'll know i'm serious when i start taking some œnology classes at UC Davis.

      May 30, 2005  

    2. H. (aka. NC_State_Gal) said...

      I surfed in from Tom Wark's Fermentations blog. I am relatively new to the SF Bay Area. I have always liked wine, but wine is INTREGAL to the culture in San Fran, so I have been trying to learn more about it via constant trips (Napa, Sonoma, the Central Coast and Oregon's Williamette Valley), literature (magazines) and wine blogs, auch as yours. Plus, I like reading various non-wine related blogs. Some are informative, others purely entertaining. Hope that helps :).

      May 31, 2005  

    3. jens at cincinnati wine said...

      I have my own blog and found yours on the wine blog watch. The question should be, Why isn't everyone reading (or writing) blogs. Timely, in-depth, personal information that is not slanted by some large media company. Keep up the work. If I am ever out in California I will stop by.

      jens at cincinnati wine garage

      June 07, 2005  

    4. Nosey said...

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      October 12, 2005  

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