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On The Air

Who would have thought that taking our wine to restaurants for tastings would lead to a radio interview? But alas, wonders in the wine business never seem to cease. Last week, Steve headed down, once again, to the southland to be interviewed by Tom Leykis for his weekly wine show. I would have gone but I was tending to Dale (our ill, but better now, thank you, Shepherd/Chow/Coyote family member).

This all came about as a result of a tasting at Dolce restaurant in Los Angeles. Adam Leemon, the sommelier at Dolce, really enjoyed the wine and, during the course of conversation about the wine and winery, asked Steve if he would like participate in a discussion about the winery on the new weekly Tom Leykis wine show aptly called, The Tasting Room.

So, last Tuesday, Steve flew back to Los Angeles and taped a fifteen minute segment with Adam and Tom Leykis (who thankfully tasted the wine on air and raved about it - he is known for his honesty, so we were quite pleased!). It's pretty exciting to get this type of exposure on a nationally syndicated program. Now, let's hope somebody listens! Chantico.
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