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So we did it - and then some

To follow up with our "Someone's Gotta Do It" note, we did. We tasted the 2000 for the first time in many months and it was very very good. It seems that time has been a good friend to this vintage as the flavors have mellowed and the taste of fruit and spice comes through with a very soft finish. I never thought I'd be writing such descriptors - and especially not about wine! Chocolate maybe! Then last night we met good friends, Gail and John, for dinner and shared a bottle of the 2002. Although it is much younger (wonder if there are "wine years" like there are dog and cat years?), it was very smooth and silky with good fruit and balance. That sentence could also be describing a gymnast promoting a healthy breakfast. John is one of the best promoters of our wine - what would we do without such good friends?!
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