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Puffs - And not just the Cocoa kind

I used to love the cereal, Cocoa Puffs, when I was a child; there was just something about those airy little morsels. As an adult and, more importantly, being in the wine business, I like them even more. Most wine publications use the 1 through 100 rating system to rate wines--100 being the best, and most rare to receive; I don't think I've ever heard of any wine receiving a 1, but it's a wine that is probably better in a salad than in a glass. The Connisseur's Guide to California Wines uses a "puff" system. Three puffs signify extraordinary wine, two puffs an excellent wine, one puff for very good wine, and no puffs for wine that is drinkable but not fabulous. We were thrilled to open our Guide last night and see that our 2002 Cabernet received two puffs (91 points). We try to maintain that points (and puffs) don't matter, and that what one wine critic likes, another may dislike intensely; but the bottom line is, many consumers buy by the points (and puffs). We are constantly getting e-mails from potential customers asking what our ratings are. Telling them that the wine is wonderful just doesn't speak to them in the way that puffs and points do. So what are we going to do today to celebrate? Open a bottle of our 2002 and toast? No, we are pouring ourselves large bowls of Cocoa Puffs of course! Chantico.
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    1. DB said...

      I'm a "blog newbie" and love your site (especially since my husband and I have had the pleasure of drinking your wonderful wine and following your web site). Look forward to hearing more about your winery and family!

      April 08, 2005  

    2. Anomaly Vineyards said...

      DB, Thanks so much for your comments and for drinking our wine! Mostly for drinking our wine! Chantico to you! SABS

      April 08, 2005  

    3. Tim Gallant said...

      Thank God the "100 Point" scoring system, typically attributed to Robert Parker, begins with 50 and not 1. At least it seems so since I have never seen any wine score a "perfect" 50 (yours, of course will continue to score in the much higher ranges!). Great Blog.

      Tim Gallant
      Pine Ridge Winery

      April 15, 2005  

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