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Someone's Gotta Do It

Yes, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Comparison tasting, that is. How is the 2000 Cab doing? Is it asleep? Cranky? Acrimonious? Playful? Wanting to see some food? Every so often, we take a bottle of a previous vintage (thankfully, right now we have only three to choose from) and do a "taste test" to see how it is aging. Tonight we are tasting (and testing!) our 2000 vintage Cabernet. With food. We find that food truly brings out the flavors, aromas, and even the subtleties of the wine. Yes, it is a tough job, but we're hard workers and will persevere. Results tomorrow! If any of you have had the 2000, give us your feedback and let's compare notes - tasting notes, that is. Chantico!
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    1. Cris said...

      What fun to read the day to day winery life! Nice blog, Linda. Your writing talent is showing....very fun and entertaining to read.

      April 04, 2005  

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