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Another Day in the Vineyard

The vines are happy (we are not!) as the rain continues. Apparently no one has told the Weathers That Be (hereinafter WTB) that it is officially Spring. The vines are beginning to bud (which we vine vinophiles call "bud break" - which does sometimes mean it's time to break for a Bud) and all trees, except for our Chinese Pistache (Debi please note), are happily in bloom. Even the beautiful lavendar flowers on the wisteria are still holding on despite the wind and rain. We began shipping our 2002 Cabernet this week and if all goes as planned, our loyal customers will receive an e-mail with tracking numbers so they can follow the journey of their wine from here to their door. Our three canines anxiously await the field behind us to dry as the vines have been pulled (officially known as "ripping the vineyard" - see, this will truly be an educational blog) and there are 15 acres of glorious land for them to romp in. To all (two so far) of you who are reading this blog, thank you thank you thank you! Miss Josie, despite the rain, it is "Not Too Shabby" here in the Napa Valley. Chantico to you all.
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    1. Dawn said...

      Beautiful! I am a wine newbie and I'm already learning from you. I enjoyed looking at your website (great pictures) and I look forward to reading more about your endeavors. Cheers!

      March 30, 2005  

    2. Anomaly Vineyards said...

      Thank you, Dawn. I'll try to keep it informative and not too boring - or stressful. Just can't make promises during harvest!

      March 30, 2005  

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