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Some Days are Better Than Others

One of the nice parts of this industry is having a restaurant want your wine. One of the "oh so exciting" parts is having The French Laundry want your wine. When we released our 2000 Cabernet (which was our first vintage), we asked the Sommelier (wine buyer) at The French Laundry to taste it. He liked it. He liked it enough to order 6 bottles. Then he called a couple of months later asking for 6 more, then again for 6 more. We were very happy. Then the he began his bi-coastal commute to set up the wine program at Thomas Keller's new restaurant in New York, Per Se. We didn't hear from him for a while. Then The French Laundry closed down in Yountville for several months to remodel. There are now four restaurants which are owned by Thomas Keller--The French Laundry in Napa Valley, Bounchon in Napa Valley, Bouchon in Las Vegas, and Per Se in Manhattan. Were we history on this legendary wine list? Then yesterday, the Sommelier in charge of The French Laundry called us and asked if he could come see us at the winery. The feeling of the "oh so exciting" part of this business resurfaced. He came today. He tasted the wine and said he loved it. But it gets even better! He has a customer who is throwing a big birthday party for his wife at Bouchon in Las Vegas, but the best part is--are you ready--he wants to feature Anomaly as the wine for the main course of the meal. He left the winery with a magnum of the 2002 as a birthday gift and will be serving the 2001 with dinner. So on the days when we wonder what the heck we are doing in this biz, it's the "oh so exciting" days that keep us coming back vintage after vintage - I mean, we are entering our 5th vintage and still get up each day and say, "are we lucky or what?!" Please remind me of this during the 18 hour days of harvest which will be here before we know it. Chantico!
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    1. sonoma33 said...

      Woo! This is a great day!

      March 30, 2005  

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