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Tank #6 tells all

the valve that is blocked
Tank #6
So this morning, all seemed to be going smoothly (never a good sign). Donuts and fruit were out, grapes were making their way from Indee's Vineyard across the road to the winery, the mood was upbeat and, as Tank #6, all I had to do was stand there looking all pretty and shiny in my stainless jacket (which is actually called a "jacket") and receive the fruits of their labor. And as I said, all was going well.... at 7 am that is. Then, about 8:30-ish, I felt full, stuffed, uncomfortable. Yet, how could this be? I hadn't eaten all year and we were just beginning to fill my belly.... what the heck was going on? I would have taken a peek outside if my darned stainless legs weren't so heavy, AND cemented to the tank room floor with bolts the size of cigars. But I heard the people outside staying, "stop, it's backing up...." they were onto me....


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