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Sorting it out

Seth sorts berries

It's our fifth harvest morning - but don't get confused, it's not 5 days in a row, it's the fifth "call" in stock speak, which I don't, so let me explain! The first day of harvest is truly the first day we pick the fruit off the vines and sort those little berries until we can sort no more and our eyes are bleary and we aren't sure if we are moving or if it's the sorting belt. Then the next time we pick is Harvest Day 2 (but it actually could be a week later - just depends on the grapes and when they are ready which is our winemaker's call - one of the most stressful decisions we think as once the grapes are off the vine, there is no more ripening, no second chances, no more, "hmmm, should we let them hang another day or two....." So we are on our 5th harvest day this morning although harvest began for us on September 17. Hope that makes sense! And now, back to the sorting table! Chantico.


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