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Olive Oil Bottling Party

Each year we do a special event at the winery for members of Calistoga Ranch. One year we did a wine-bottling party. This year we decided to mix it up a bit and do a luncheon in the cellar (prepared by Katherine Grimes, who made such a fantastic feast that it was gone before I could snap a photo). After lunch, we went up to the winery crush pad where a fustino (which you can see is the stainless steel vat in the photo) full of olive oil fresh pressed from Steve's brother's olive trees in Cortona, Italy, was waiting for our 13 guests. Each was given a bottle to fill. After filling their bottles, they corked their bottles, then moved on to the labeling device created by Linda's father which they used to put the olive oil label in precisely the right place. And a bottle of olive oil was born. Now, what can we think of for next year??! Chantico.



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