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A Cork is a Cork is a Cork

I subscribe to many many food publications. Yes, wine and food do go together, so I can justify my compulsion. Yes I can! When this month's Cuisine at Home arrived (a great publication, by the way), I opened it right up and read all of the "aha" uses for items that were created for a different use. These "aha" uses are submitted by Cuisine's readership.

When I read about an alternate use for a wine cork, I just had to share it with you. As Ginny Tower from Bend, Oregon wrote: rather than reaching for pot holders to take the heat from the lids to her pots and pans, she slips wine corks under the lid handles, grabs the corks rather than the metal lid handles, and never burns her fingers.

In a future blog, how to make a lamp from a wine bottle, in particular, an Anomaly wine bottle. This one was created by my dad! Chantico.


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