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Our friends from Sun Valley

Not often, but once in a great while, we meet some people that are so special, they leave a place not only in our memory but in our hearts as well. John ("Chappy") and Steve are two such people. They were the hosts for a wine dinner we participated in for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts in Idaho last summer. There were about 25 guests at the dinner and I was lucky enough to be seated next to Steve. We chatted most of the evening - about dogs (they have two: the girls—Chantal and Katrina, beautiful standard poodles), horses (they have a beautiful barn with their family of horses in residence!) and just about everything. Steve sat closer to Chappy and they hit it off as well. We stayed long after the guests had left and were given a personal tour of the barn, met the horses, the "girls" and felt right at home. We left their beautiful property hoping they would come visit us in the Napa Valley one day. They came this past weekend! On their "loop" to visit friends and family from Idaho to California to Washington, they stopped for one night and stayed with us. They bonded immediately to Danny, Cosette and Ashby - and we couldn't have had a nicer time. Safe travels, Steve and Chappy. We'll see you soon. Chantico.
DSC09979.JPGSteve, "Danny Dancer", and Chappy


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