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Our friends from British Columbia

Andrew and Kathy - They’re engaged!

Last March 29, 2006, Steve and I had a hankering for a good old fashioned breakfast, so we headed out to Gillwoods Restaurant here in St. Helena. Sitting next to us was a couple talking about wine, wineries, and what to do with their day. Not wanting to intrude, but wanting to be helpful, I leaned over and said, "hi" and told them about some wineries, including ours! They came over that day and we hit it off - just like we had known each other for years! We shared some wine and stories and before they left, they brought out a bottle of my favorite kind of wine, a Riesling Icewine (sorry, Cab is not my #1 choice - but don't tell anyone!) which they said they had brought along on their journey from North Vancouver, British Columbia in the hopes of finding some people to give it to. How lucky we were! And today, they came back for a wonderful visit - more wine was shared, and can you believe, they brought us another incredible bottle of Jackson-Triggs Icewine from the Okanagan Valley. It's people like Kathy and Andrew that make this business so great. Thank you both! And Chantico!

Their mode of travel - you should see the inside!


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