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Dry T-Shirt Contest

For the past three years, we have made a harvest t-shirt. Each year we try to get clever with the slogan. The first t-shirt boldly proclaimed: THINK GLOBALLY, DRINK ANOMALY. Then we went to PICKY, PICKY, PICKY, and last year it was TANKS FOR THE MEMORIES, and this year we are stuck! So, we decided to put it out to the universe, or at least those who read this blog. Email us ( your t-shirt slogan ideas. The creator of the "winning" slogan will get not only a t-shirt but also a bottle of our current release 2003 Cabernet (which we are almost sold out of). So, send 'em in! The deadline is October 1 as we will be in harvest soon after and I won't have time to have them made (logistics, you know!) And tanks (thanks!).


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