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Taste Testing

It's raining outside, we're all in the office - what to do, what to do? We had been talking about tasting the 2003 again (which was bottled last June) but we hadn't done it in several weeks. What better time than a rainy afternoon? Mark brought up a bottle, decanted it, and after it had time to take a few breaths (the wine, not us), we tasted it. It's a difficult thing to unbiasedly (is that a word? Nope, just looked it up) critique your own wine. One reason that it's hard to objectively taste is that over time, we have developed a "house palate.". Having tasted the wine often over the years, we can pick it out of a police line-up! Another reason may be that with each vintage, we get only one chance to make a wine of which we are proud. Too much rides on these tastings for us to relax when we try to evaluate the wine--and you thought wine was supposed to be relaxing. As we get closer to our release date (Spring 2006), these tastings take on greater importance. We raised our glass to our lips,said a few choice words to Baccus and sipped. Actually, "sipped" is so not the right word for the way we taste. Gurgled, swished, chewed - oh, if only you could have watched us taste! But the bottom line was: it was very good. The 2003 is the first year that the fruit from Indee's Vineyard was mature enough to become part of Anomaly. The wine was richer and more complex than the 2002 but still had a very lengthy and soft finish. It's a baby, and it will have many more months in the bottle before it crosses anyone else's lips, but so far, we are very pleased. Salute. And of course, Chantico.
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    1. David Goldfarb said...

      Sounds promising...I look forward to trying it myself.

      And we're supposed to finally get a bit of a break from the rain in the next few days.

      January 04, 2006  

    2. Anomaly Vineyards said...

      We hope you're right! Thanks for being a loyal reader.

      January 04, 2006  

    3. emilie odeile said...

      Why thank you for the plug! Stay dry! emilie

      January 05, 2006  

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