Anomaly Vineyards

A Berkeley, California transplant's view of becoming an Accidental Vintner.

And so it begins

September 29, 2005 - Day One of our harvest. I don't believe anyone out there chose that date, including us! We have had an incredible harvest so far. We spent two 14 1/2 hour days hand sorting each cluster of grapes and picking the perfect berries off the clusters and discarding the not-so-perfect ones. Photos to follow as soon as my fingers are able to take the disk out of the camera. On Day 3 we had 22 people helping - it's great to have friends. Of course we broke for lunch from Taylors and dinner from Armadillo's Mexican Restaurant. Everyone stayed in a great mood and at the end of Day 3 we celebrated with cake and toasts. Our next pick date is this Wednesday, October 12. Mark and Gerich have been phenomenal with both their professional knowledge of winemaking and their upbeat attitudes when temps were quite cold in the mornings and quite warm in the heat of the day. We are so very lucky to have such a great team. How can the wine that will be produced be anything less than wonderful? Chantico.


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