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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Plenty. Warning - this note is not wine related. I realized I haven't "blogged" for 11 days - that's a record, and not the good kind. But I have a reason. I mentioned in the June 30 note that Ashby and Dale had a pretty bad fight. Ashby is recovering but after opinion-shopping for the past week and a half, I have been forced to realize that we cannot go back to how things were before the fight ("BTF"). BTF Ashby and Dale lived somewhat harmoniously, with Ashby continually letting Dale know he was the leader. For 4 years Dale accepted this position but having turned 5 on July 3, he is coming into full canine adulthood and wanting to take over leadership. Ashby, who will turn 11 on August 30, insists that there is no election forthcoming and therefore, until there is one, and he will be the one to set the date, he will maintain the position of Top Dog ("TD"). 12 days ago, Dale seriously injured Ashby in a vie for TD. Onlookers would say Dale won. Myself and Mark (our winemaker) being the only onlookers, would have to agree, although we were able to break it up. So the past week and a half has been spent speaking with veterinarians. dog behaviorists, shelter directors, friends, and family to figure out some way to keep our human/canine family intact without risking the well-being of either Ashby or Dale (little 10 pound Cosette is just laying low right now). We have been sadly convinced that this struggle for TD will continue until Dale succeeds, which may be at the expense of Ashby. Our very close friends, who have always loved Dale, came to our emotional rescue. To our sorrow, even knowing it's for the best, they will "adopt" Dale tomorrow afternoon from us. They live just an hour away and we will stay in touch and be able to see him. But for those of you have lived with, and deeply loved a dog, this is heartbreaking, hence my inability to blog until we came to a resolution.
This one is for Anita, John, Carla and Robin. Thank you, and Chantico.


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