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Does Size Really Matter?

Okay, before the "men folk" decide not to read this, it isn't what you think. Over the past couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to try a few bottles of the "cult" cabs and some other "big" red blends. We had not had the ones we tried so we were anxious to see how they tasted. Both Steve and I had the same response - they were fantastic right out of the bottle with little or no decanting time. The first sip was like a beautiful explosion in the mouth, following through the mid-palate and continuing on for what made me want to time the finish - the flavors lingered for over a minute. However, the longer the wine sat in the glass, the more it seemed to disintegrat, and this was over a short period of time. We had these wines with meals, but rather than enhancing the experience of the meal, they actually detracted from it. Our consensus is that these wines are made to enjoy with the company of friends but not food - so, is big really better? In my humble opinion, no - on all counts! Chantico.


  1. rone said...

    That was my exact reaction when i had a Van Der Heyden cabernet sauvignon. Wonderful flavor and finish, but it wouldn't go with dinner (i forget what we had), it even paired poorly with dark chocolate, and after an hour, it started leaving a slightly sour aftertaste in my mouth.

    July 19, 2005  

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