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The Yin and the Yang

There are so many aspects of the wine biz that when someone asks, "what exactly do you do?" I truly don't know how to respond. Each day is so different. Some days are great, some not so great, and some have what I call, "the yin and the yang" (a little of both). Today was one of those days. Remember the St. Helena Viticulture Society event I wrote about on Monday (see June 6, Scope Creep)? As the event was so well attended, there were quite a few wine glasses that needed washing as a result. Thankfully, Vineyard 29 (one of the participating wineries in the event) has a dishwasher designed just to wash glasses. However, it still took two of us almost three hours to carry the boxes of glasses up to the kitchen, load, unload, load, unload (we did this over 20 times) the glass washer, replace the glasses into the boxes that went into larger container boxes, make 4 trips to the first floor and load the boxes under a stairwell for safe keeping. By the time this task was completed, it was after noon. That's the Yin. Then at 5:00 we were invited to attend a reception hosted by our Las Vegas distributor. The hors d'oeuvres were delicious and we spent two hours getting to know the two fellows who represent Anomaly in Las Vegas. That's the Yang. I promised myself I would not work tonight on winery matters, so I am now blogging off for the evening. Chantico!

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