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Scope Creep

Ever heard the term? I hadn't. It turns out that it is not a creepy kid spying on you. Not even close. Scope Creep is what I experienced these past three months during the planning of yesterday's event. However, without going into the minutia of the planning, which could not have been accomplished without the amazing organizational skills of one Louise Dye, the day was perfect. We set up the day before, on Saturday, at Crocker Estate in St. Helena where it was close to 90 degrees. The wine was not going to be happy on Sunday. We came prepared with a cooler in case the wine began to throw a fit, but Sunday turned out to be a made-to-order Napa Valley day. A cool breeze kept the temperature about 72 degrees. The food was wonderful, so much so that we had to run out and pick up more on the spot as it was gone in the first hour of the event, and with 3 hours to go, well, that just wasn't going to work. Thirty wineries poured their current releases to a crowd of over 300 post-Napa Wine Auction (oh, sorry, "Auction Napa Valley") goers, locals, tourists, and anyone else who wanted a taste of St. Helena Appellation wines. The planning for next year's event will begin in two weeks. So, what actually does Scope Creep mean, it means letting the work list get larger and larger as people think of one more great thing to add. Thanks, Chuck, for adding a new phrase to my vocabulary. Chantico!

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