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Someone has to do it......

It is a hard job, but someone(s) has to do it, so we all volunteered. Yes, it's the annual Taste Every Vintage Made by Anomaly fest. It begins with setting out 9 wine glasses for each of us (why? because.... 2000-2008 is 9 vintages - yes, we taste the 08 even though it hasn't been bottled yet to see how it is coming along).
Then wine is poured into each glass (but the wine is put into paper bags so we are tasting without knowing the vintage).
Then the drill: Swirl, Snif, Sip, Spit. Winemaker Mark is a pro:

Seth takes it very seriously:
Well, most of the time.

Gerich and Steve, however, VERY serious!
After the tasting is done, we compare notes, reveal the years (we were all pretty close on our guesses). We will update our website with our comments on Drink/Hold Drink/Decant, and every other iteration of possibilities!

And to end the day, we opened a bottle of our "garagist" wine made by us (Steve and Linda) when we had no idea what we were doing, but it was 1997 and you just couldn't miss! We were shocked - it was still drinkable, albeit it looked more like a rose than a cabernet!
Oh, and End of Day:



  1. Joe D said...

    I feel so sorry for all of you having to endure what you went through. We in Connecticut will be holding our second vertical tasting in April 2011. As you say, Someone has to do it... all for the sake of humanity!

    December 02, 2010  

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