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Wish I had my camera

Only in the Napa Valley - well, I'm sure there are other parts of this huge world where one could see the same sign, but not from where we're from originally. So, we are driving up Highway 29 this afternoon following a quite successful Costco run (how can you not be successful shopping at Costo I ask?!). And, on the corner of Zinfandel and 29 (take note, as I'm sure it's still there) is a sign that says, "Fresh Picked Plums, 12 for $1.00" I look around to see where the "stand-keeper" is, and there is no stand-keeper. The plums are in boxes laid out on an old picnic table. There is a stack of old plastic shopping bags (helping our environment by at least re-using the bags), and a box with a hole in the top for the dollar bills. Once again, we feel lucky to live in this beautiful spot called the Napa Valley. Plum jam, anyone? Chantico.


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