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When it sizzles in LA

We drove to the southland this weekend (okay, you do the math on driving vs. flying - see Steve, I told you so!) for the Cystic Fibrosis Winemasters annual tasting. The event was held at the Warner Brothers Studio lot in Burbank and what an incredible venue - the setting with all the trees and grass made the heat tolerable. The food purveyors were fantastic - and the wines were incredible. And then there was the auction, which again broke an all-time record - they netted, yes NETTED $1.6 million for Cystic Fibrosis. Barbara and Allen Balik - you are incredible. Here are some photos of the weekend. Our son drove up from San Diego to help pour, and our fashionable daughter, direct from LA, came on Sunday and attended the brunch. We saw a lot of our customers and made some new friends as well. Not a bad business to be in - not all all! Chantico.
gas prices
Drive or fly??

Barbara Balik - the WonderWoman who makes it happen

Barbara's son, Randy, with Steve

Son Chris with Mom Linda




Em and Chris

Chris and Emilie


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