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Anyone need a haircut?

It's that time of year - time to prune the vines. Right now the vineyard looks a bit like Out of Africa - it's a jungle out there. The cover crop is so healthy that one almost needs a machete to get through the rows. Once the vines are pruned,* the cover crop will be tilled back into the soil giving it an enormous nutrient boost - sort of like eating an orange vs. taking a Vitamin C pill. We try to do "oranges" as much as possible! So, below are some before and after photos of the vineyard. Chantico.

*Our vines are "Cordon-trained" and so our pruning method is called, "spur-pruned." More Viticulture 101 in a future blog!

The vines pre-pruning:
pre-pruned vertical shot

The cover crop:
cover crop

A Spur-pruned vine:
two spurs post pruned


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