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What's the word?

Many apologies for not writing for a bit. I could not remember the password to get into the blog site - had to create a new one, which just did not want to cooperate, then harvest began and the days became long and busy, and finally tonight, I said to myself (outload - yes, pretty scary) I am going to figure this out NOW. So, as you can see, I did! Finally!

We began harvest last Saturday, September 8. It was a short pick, just 1 3/4 tons and we were done by noon. Yesterday was Day 2 of harvest and it was a true family affair as Emilie was up from Los Angeles and, heels and all, stood at the sorting table until we were through - this time, 3 tons of fruit from the Bella Vista & Faloon blocks were picked.

Photos will follow as will an update on son, Seth, joining the fold! Chantico.


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