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A Berkeley, California transplant's view of becoming an Accidental Vintner.

Vegas Baby

Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas (or the holiday of your choice) has come and gone. Although technically it is still winter, with the sun shining down on Indee's Vineyard, thoughts of Spring dance in our heads. But in the darkest days of winter, Steve and I wondered what we could do to shine a light on our Anomaly Team's mood. Vegas Baby! Tomorrow afternoon, we are taking our faithful Anomaly team (Gerich and his lady, Wendy; Mark and his fiance, Jennifer; and of course, me and Steve) to Las Vegas for three days of R&R. Photos will regale this site. We will try to include at least some showing the sipping of wine so as not to stray too far from our roots. Chantico, and Happy New Year.


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