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Harvest 2006

Harvest is done and what a harvest it was. We couldn't have had better weather had we put in the order ourselves. We harvested on October 11, 12, 14, had a beautiful week off then our last pick was on Monday, October. 23. We brought in 18 tons of fruit between our three Cabernet Sauvignon clones and our small lots of Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. This was our best harvest ever - and no, we really don't say that each year, but the ease of this harvest was incredible. With our winemaker, Mark Porembski, at the helm, and first mates Gerich and Steve (and photographer--me), we had a great time hand-sorting the fruit and playing Lucy and Ethel as the fruit made it's way up the sorting belt. Help from friends like Bob Dye (Louise was sick this year), Ken, Sharin and Brandon Olsen, Mark Dombrink, Marian Lever, Art Berliner, and Anita Naylor, we couldn't go wrong! Today, as I write, Steve, Mark and Gerich are in the tank room pressing out the grapes that were first harvested on October 11. I'm about to head down myself - to sample a bit of the fruits of our labor. Chantico!


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