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Labels Labels Labels

We spent a good deal of time at our label printer's last week. We had no idea how much went into the production of our label. Up through 2003, all our bottles were hand-labeled which is an extremely labor-intensive effort. Since our label is quite long, we had not been able to find a bottler that could also apply our labels with their equipment - that is until this year! So, beginning with our 2004 vintage, our labels will now be able to be applied at the time of bottling, which saves a great deal of time, energy, and most importantly, errors - when hand-labeling, some bottles invariably were missed and were shipped out without a label. Not a good thing! So, here's to technology (and a great label printing company - Herdell Printing in St. Helena). Chantico.


  1. David Goldfarb said...

    Looks like quite a setup they have there!

    May 23, 2006  

  2. gonzo said...

    Wow that setup shadows mine! I have only just started doing my own barcode labels and hope one day I might have worked my way up to using a machine as grand as yours!

    May 17, 2010  

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