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Red, White & Snow

As a result of our friends, Pablo & Lynanne from Massachusetts, we were invited to participate in the National Ability Center annual fundraiser in Park City, Utah on March 23-26. If you haven't heard of this wonderful organization, please see their website at This is an incredible organization devoted to providing the opportunity to those who are ability-challenged to experience outdoor sports and recreational activities. The organization has been in existence for 21 years and recently, as a result of a donation of land, were able to construct the Ability Center and Dorms which you see in the photo below. The "Red, White & Snow" event featured several Napa Valley vintners who donated wines, dinner, attended vintner dinners, and stayed in the dorms, courtesy of the Center. The event was an enormous success and it was an honor for us to be included. The night of the event, a snow storm blew in from the West, and Steve and I, after a couple of wrong turns, found our way back to the dorms. Driving in blinding snow at midnight is not something us Northern Californians are used to. In the morning, our car was covered, as you can see. I came to understand why the rental car companies leave ice scrapers in the cars! Thank you, Meeche, Michele and Eric for an incredible experience for a wonderful cause. Chantico.

The Center and Dorms

We awaken to cars covered in snow - Steve attempts to clear windshield

Us going to the auction


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