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Linda's Birthday Eve

Nothing winery related today - but a good time at Fenton's Ice Creamery and then an interesting time at the gates to Meadowood. Chantico.
Steve at Fentons April 21, 2006
Steve and his Fenton's sundae
Linda at Fentons April 21, 2006
Linda enjoying her birthday eve sundae
Bush protest
The town comes together at Meadowood entrance


  1. David Goldfarb said...

    Happy birthday!

    (...You went to Fenton's and didn't come say hi to me?)

    April 21, 2006  

  2. sonoma33 said...

    Happy Birthday!

    April 25, 2006  

  3. Anomaly Vineyards said...

    Thank you for the birthday wishes!

    April 25, 2006  

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