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November in June

So, it's June 17 and it has rained over an inch since last night. This morning I went to the market as the skies opened up. When I got inside the door, a woman just ahead of me turned around and said, "is it November?" My understanding is that the last time it rained in the Bay Area on June 17 was in the late 1800s.

The question our non-grape growing friends have been asking us is how the late rains affect the grapes. Actually, the better question would be: how does the rain affect our vineyard crew? My answer would be, if I were part of the crew, that I'd be getting mighty cranky right about now!

When the vines first began the process from flowers to grapes, the vineyards were sprayed with sulphur to protect them from mildew and mold. Then it rained. So our vineyard crew had to sulphur again a few days later after they dried out. Then it rained. So out came the crew again. Then it rained. Once more time, guys. And it's raining right now as I look outside. I imagine, with weary souls, next week they'll be out again. Thank you, Doug and crew. Your efforts, this year, especially, are truly appreciated. Chantico.


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