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For Sale By Owner

When we ventured into the wine biz, little did we know that in addition to running a winery, we would also hold the titles of Sales Manager and, on any given day, his or her Faithful Assistant. We somehow convinced ourselves that if we did everything right, the wine would sell itself. For the most part, it did and does - to those on our mailing list and those who tasted our wine at restaurants or elsewhere. With these folks, we have built a wonderful base of loyal customers - and some of these customers become friends. However, each year as our production has increased, we find that it is necessary to make the wine available to a broader audience so that more people can try it, like it, and, in a perfect world, buy it. This means selling to restaurants.

Last week, Steve went to the southland (better know as Los Angeles) to visit restaurant sommeliers. He quickly found out that selling to restaurants is a daunting task. About a third of the restaurants sommeliers forgot about the appointment or were too busy to see Steve after all – “sorry you drove in LA traffic all this way.” In the three days he was in Los Angeles, he met with 15 (of the 25 restaurants he had appointments with, and sold wine to about half. We found out that this is actually quite a good track record! We learn something new everyday. Chantico!
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